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Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials 

at Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University welcomes you to our
NANOTECH Center...

Nanotechnology is the synthesis/fabrication of tools and machines at the 10(-9) meter scale.


Molecular Materials is the engineering and synthesis of materials at the atomic and molecular level: from the construction of hetero-systems at the atomic scale to the assembly of molecular species into ordered systems.


Together, these advances underpin today's vast revolution in materials physics.


NANOTECH is a Shared Instrumentation Facility of the Wake Forest University research community. Its core mission is to provide access to a broad suite of nationally competitive capabilities in nano sciences including...


1. Nanomaterials -  synthesis and processing,

2. High resolution imaging and analytical characterization - HRTEM/STEM, STM/AFM, CTEM, XPS, Auger, EDAX, PEELS

3. Cleanroom  fabrication - class 1000, ISO 6 - iline, 365nm optical lithography, 

4. Fast optical characterization - ps to fs time resolution spectroscopy, laser based ARPES


NANOTECH also offers an extensive curriculum in the nano-sciences together with several outreach programs.    

NANOTECH occupies a dedicated building located at 501 Deacon Blvd, in Winston-Salem NC, adjacent to the Reynolda Campus of WFU. It is open to all faculty, staff and students of WFU / Atrium-WFBMC.

Dr. David Carroll -



News and Events

COVID vaccination and updated boosters required for use of facilities...

Nanotech Seminar


Thursday, October 27, together with the CFM seminar, at 12:00 pm in Olin 101. Lunch will be provided beginning at 11:30am in the Olin Lobby. 


Our guest speaker is Prof. Dr. Vojislav Krstic from the FAU Erlangen. He will speak on "Helical nanostructure: PT-violation and (quantum) cooperative dichroism signatures".  

A Community of Researchers


Gamma ray scintillators, quantum computers, artificial organs, time crystals, lighting devices, thermal-solar collectors, and more. NANOTECH users represent a broad variety of nano-inspired sciences from across the WFU campuses. The cross-pollination of these fields gives NANOTECH its unique atmosphere of excitement and discovery...

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The Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials

501 Deacon Blvd.

Winston Salem NC 27105

ph: 336 727 1804


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