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NanoteQ is - innovation, collaboration, and facilitation - a community of discovery at Wake Forest University.

Center News

NanoteQ is multiple Team Labs and Core Facilities... 

IAF: Imaging and Analysis Facility

IMF: Integrated Microfab. Facility 


OTL: Organic Technologies Lab 

QSL: Quantum Systems Lab

WOL: R.T. Williams Optics Lab 

MF: Materials Foundry 


NanoteQ is a community of home researchers, guest scientists, tool users, and students;  a hub of activities for multi-disciplinary studies.  

NanoteQ is a center of education in advanced nano-sciences and quantum technologies.     

NanoteQ is a gateway to ideas and enablement for all faculty, staff and students of WFU / Atrium-WFBMC as well as to its world-wide network of collaborators and alumni.




Dr. David Carroll Director



Information Systems





Summer is here

Submit your application now for summer internships. Regional HS students and undergraduates interested in research experience, contact 

NanoteQ Seminars

Thursday, October 27, together with the CFM seminar, at 12:00 pm in Olin 101. Lunch at 11:30am in the Olin Lobby. Prof. Dr. Vojislav Krstic, FAU Erlangen. "Helical nanostructures: PT-violation and (quantum) cooperative dichroism signatures". 


Thursday, March 1, together with the physics colloquium, 4:00 Olin, snacks at 3:30 Olin, Prof. John Ballato, Clemson University "Advances in optical fiber physics"

A View from Inside
NanoteQ Highlights and Blog

Center Events

the Center for Nanotechnology and Quantum Materials

95 W 32 nd Street

Winston-Salem NC 27105


ph: 336 727 1804


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