Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University

About Us



The Nanotech Center is a shared instrumentation facility for the WFU community. As such, it provides a focus for efforts in experimental materials science. Specifically NANOTECH supports research in green technologies, quantum information technologies and computing, and biomedical devices by providing access to enabling materials synthesis, processing, and characterization at the nanoscale. These campus resources are provided through four CORE labs:


  • materials synthesis and processing,

  • cleanroom and microfab,

  • analytical electron microscopy, x-ray and Auger analysis,

  • standardized solar / lighting testing.

These resources are enhanced by a nano-materials curriculum taught by NANOTECH users, as well as outreach programs for the general public.

Fee Structure

The facilities are supported primarily by user fees. However, the University supplements operations for reduced fee access for its faculty, staff, and students. In some circumstances fees may be waved altogether. Thus, research financing should never impede access to good scientific tools.  


The Nanotech Center does not have members in the usual sense, all of its users are Center members. Operations of the Center is governed by an oversight Board consisting of faculty (representatives of different user groups), outside scientists, the director, a grad student representative. This group is intended to represent the interests of all stakeholders: users, administrators, staff, students.

For 2022 the Governance Board is due to be reformed...


501 Deacon Blvd. in Winston Salem NC 27105

Founded in 2004, the Nanotech Center was among the first research facilities in NC to be built for the safe handling and containment of nanomaterials.