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the Wake Forest University
Cleanroom and Integrated Microfabrication Facility

the WFU CIMF is a class 1000 microfabrication facility that is built around 3 basic techniques for creating structure.


Optical lithography based on 365 nms  (i Line).


e-beam capabilities based on vector image generation using a dedicated JEOL 6340F SEM.


Dip-pen nano writing. 



The Environment

  • 1200 sq. ft. of floorspace with turbulent air return plenum, sealed ceiling suspension, gowning room entrance, 

  • 1500 lux yellow lighting using Lithoprotect (TM) light filters,

  • Class 1000 / ISO 6 with two particle monitoring stations

  • Acid/Base wash stations.

  • Organics cluster and Inorganics cluster.


1.  Completion of safety training program

2.  Clearance by facilities management

3.  Full gowning and cleanroom hygiene

4.  5 person max.

The WFU Cleanroom Facility is an active research and teaching facility. Courses and Workshops on lithography, deposition, and metrological processes are held regularly, through the Nanotechnology Center. Check for listings and updates. All facility users must read and understand the training manual and watch the safety video provided here. Facility Managers determine access to the facilities.



access contact Dr. Carroll (

Training Materials

Gowning and basic cleanroom practice (vid)

Chemical Safety (vid)

Cleanroom Manual (pdf)

After this you are ready for training on individual tools. You must schedule this with the cleanroom manager

Packaging Tools

West Bond 7400A - 32 Wirebonder

8 and 16 pin packaging with UV cure epoxy

Film Metrology Tools 


Alpha Stepper /profilometer

Surface tensiometer


Metallographic/Fluorescence microscope

Probe station

Organics Cluster

Basic OLED, FIPEL, OPV, OFT capabilities in both small molecules and polymers with a wide range of contacts and stack structures. UV sealants


Dual compartment gloveboxes with thermal evaporator, testing stations, spinners, hot plates, scales, etc.

ITO/glass handling, cutting and processing tools.

Acid/Base fume hood system with organic solution processing capabilities.


           spray coater 

           auto-dip coater 

           automated drawblade

           dedicated evaporative

Inorganics Cluster


The micro/nano fab capabilities are based on monolithic UV 

lithography (~365 nm). Simple mask creation is possible however 3X3 chrome on quartz masks from third party suppliers are recommended. 


DIMATIX print system

Resist spinner

Vacuum oven

Tube oven

Developing stations

Plasma Etcher (Anatech)

Ozone cleaner 

UV flood light box

Karl Suss MJB3 mask aligner

AC/DC magnetron sputtering system,

VSW e-beam evaporator

Edwards thermal evaporator

VSW thermal evaporator 

VSW Sputter cleaning/Ashing/RIE system

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