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The materials research programs at Wake Forest University continue their extra-ordinary expansion of size and influence.

Wake Forest University continues to grow its materials science efforts with programs in quantum materials, energy collection materials, and more. This is clearly seen in the recent 2023 spring meeting of the MRS in San Fran. Quite a few faces from around campus were seen this year and keep in mind it is the fall meeting in Boston that our biomedical materials groups typically attend. In fact the "Kudzu League" did rather well overall, in terms of number of presentations at the meeting. Here are some numbers. The number of talks presented by us and our local group: Duke had 11, NCSU - 12, Emory - 1, Vandy - 9, Wake Forest - 8, UNC-CH - 3. These are according to the meeting website.

This year's meeting was all about big ideas, big data, and big challenges. We saw QM's everywhere along with the challenge of new materials to meet the challenges of global warming and growing energy demand. There was AI discovery of materials and machine learning approaches to materials. All areas Wake Forest has invested heavily in and its paying off. In case you were not one of the many WFU groups to attend this year - here are some sights...

just one last change to that talk...

Gabe enjoying himself in the QM session

Tim presenting on his latest work in topological insulators

Congratulations to Robert Link - finalist in poster competition

And congratulations to all Wake Forest graduate students at the meeting and back home, Your contributions and hard work have made us all proud.

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