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New JEOL Arrives!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Big changes are coming to the WFU microscopy suite.

Microscopy has become an ALL JEOL facility with the acquisition of its new JEOL 2010F STEM. This system is loaded for materials science:


1. 200kV maximum accelerating voltage with semi-continuous HV control, 50eV/step


2. Electron Gun Assembly

Schottky FEG Emitter - Zr/W<100>

Emitter temperature: 1600-1800K

Probe current approximately 0.5nA/1nm (at FWHM)

3. FasTEM System

FasTEM provides complete fast external computer control of all microscope

operating conditions and specimen stage (x and y translation).

4. Specimen Anticontamination Trap

5. Differential Vacuum System utilizing Sputter Ion and Diffusion Pumps,

Microprocessor Controlled, featuring "radial evacuation" of the specimen area

6. Eucentric Motorized 5 axis Side Entry Goniometer:

Side Entry Goniometer

Analytical (ARP) Pole Piece

0.23nm, ±30 deg tilt x or y; 0.12 steradian solid angle; 25° take-off angle

Encoded X, Y, Z and tilt axes

7. Independently controlled condenser mini lens to allow variable convergence angle

selection (JEOL alpha sector)

8. High Contrast Objective Aperture (Lower position in the Objective Lens) for high

contrast imaging and/or simultaneous EDS/high resolution/high contrast imaging

9. Independent Lens "Free Run" Control

10. Optimum under focus with variable focus step

11. Automatic through focus

12. Beam Stop

13. Automatic Exposure System for allowing variability of either brightness or time

(electron current measuring type with both average and spot metering)

Peripheral Equipment



Super Ultra Thin Window for the detection of elements down to and including

Beryllium (Z=4)

Resolution 136 eV or better measured at 5.9keV / at 1000cps

Peak to Background 18000:1 or better

Including preamplifier and cables, and bellows for auto - retraction

High voltage cut-off switch

Si(Li) type with active area 30mm2



MATERIALS APPLICATIONS : (This is only available from within the EDAX Genesis

Software Application)

State of the art AEM algorithms

Cliff-Lorimer and thin film approx imation methods

Experimental and theoretical K-factor determination

K-factor tables stored to disc

Choice of methods for theoretical cross sections

Thin film absorption correction selectable when needed

Thin film fluorescence correction selectable when needed

Ox ide stoichiometry calculation routines

Automatic mode for single key operation

Integrated acquisition, storage, identification,background subtraction and spectrum



Multi-Channel Analyzer

Sixteen Digital SCA Outputs

Dedicated high speed PCI bus

8 software selectable time constants

Two Independent High Voltage channels

Peak Shift correction for input count rate

Triple level fast discriminator

3. Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF 2001) operating up to 200keV with grade B 1k x 1k

CCD with the following Gatan items:

The GIF 2000 family (2001 & 2002) is the 2nd generation post column energy filter

series and is optimized for operation at primary energies from 200 to 400keV. Similar

to first generation post column energy filters from Gatan, these GIFs can be

attached to the bottom flange of any modern TEM (FEG or Lab6) to form energy

filtered images, diffraction patterns, and energy loss spectra. The 2nd generation

electron optics of the GIF 2000 family offers fully 2nd order corrected prisms and 3rd

order corrections for the major aberrations in the image.

805 Pneumatic BF/DF STEM system

679.34CK STEM interface electronics

700.20P25 HREM software used for autofocus, autostigmation, and auto

alignment. (PC)

678.35XXX Gate valve controller

795-692.U Upgrade 2k camera housing

788 DigiScan II

820.30000 FireWire adapter for DigiScan II & 794/20 MegaScan CCD

794.80V14 DigitalMicrograph software plug-in for 794/20 MegaScan

700.80P10 Digita1Montage software (PC)

703.0012P Spectrum imaging base package (PC)

703.4011P STEM EELS spectrum imaging (PC)

703.2010P EFTEM Spectrum Imaging module (PC)

703.3010P X-ray Spectrum Imaging module (PC) (EDAX EDS)

700.80P14 Software plug-in for 780 DualView

EM-28060 JEOL 2010 Vibration Isolators for GIF

EM-20440 JEOL 2010 Function for GIF (ARP polepiece)

07976 PCI kit for installing the 780 DualView on the GIF computer

4. Gatan Megascan camera with Grade B 2k x 2k CCD. This is a bottom mount

camera located under the Jeol camera chamber and interfaced with the Gatan

camera housing.

5. Gatan 780 DualVision camera mounted in the 35mm port. This camera provides a

large field-of-view (great low magnification imaging)with simultaneous digital and

video TEM imaging. The camera can be manually rotated through 360 degrees and

provides images up to 1300 x 1030 pixels with 12-bit dynamic range.

TEM Sample Holders

The Gatan holders include a beryllium Hex ring ,beryllium anti-twist washer, one

Hexring tool,one loading jig assembly (for the 925 model), and a specimen rod stand

to facilitate specimen loading under a stereo microscope

1. Gatan 646 Double-Tilt Analytical Holder

The cradle has a continuous manual rotation in both directions of 360 degrees

The cradle may be tilted manually ±25° (pole piece dependent)

Tilt and rotation may be separately adjusted at any orientation of the specimen


Beryllium specimen cup and Hexrings are provided to minimize the x - ray

background during EDX analysis

2. Gatan 646-0300 Second Axis Tilt Control

“But this is just the beginning of the upgrades to Wake's imaging facility”

The Nanotech Center continues to upgrade and push the envelope of capabilities in electron imaging. This MPEG from Sean is an example...

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