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An Evolving NanoteQ...

Updated: May 17

Yes, Nanotech is changing to NanoteQ. It is changing some of its traditional foci from pure nano-materials research to a more quantum materials thrust. With the addition of new faculty in physics, chemistry, and engineering at WFU, and the growing interest world-wide in quantum phenomena for computing and sensing applications, these new directions add a deeper dimension to the laboratory's impact.

Bi2Te3 plate with high crystallinity and well formed edges.

A time for renewal...

NanoteQ for 2023/24 will restructure according to our MOU along the lines of working groups: the quantum computing working group QCWG, the NanoMedTechnologies working group MEDs, and the Organic devices working group ORGs, with our tool purchases, workshops and talks, and new course offerings along these lines for the next five years. The Center itself is moving to larger facilities that are better suited to our mission, and will allow an expansion of toolsets, visiting scientists and their needs, as well as conferences, workshops, and interdepartmental faculty pathfinder events all of which will be priorities in our new incarnation.

The NanoteQ center itself has never really had "members" like a normal center. It is more of an institutional resource allowing WFU faculty and their collaborators access to tools and instruments that are comparable to those found at much larger research unviersities like Duke and Vandy. We will continue to have this as our primary mission, but now with the added task of helping these three working groups to grow and thrive. We have a board of scientists that oversees these tasks together with our education and outreach programs, to ensure NanoteQ provides the highest possible quality in the experiences it offers to our students, our staff, and our faculty.

A commitment by WFU to excellence...

The facilities and properties management team as well as our administration have been diligently and proactively planning for our success and our growth. The facilities we seek to move to a just outstanding and will serve the center for years to come. More importantly it has top quality space for students to interact, faculty to collaborate, and for new tools to be brought online. We now have a single charge, challenge the world with new ideas and new directions. Be a part of the conversation, be a part of what teh world needs today.

And that we will do...

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