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JEOL JSPM 5200 Atomic Force Microscope


The JSPM-5200 can be used in air, controlled atmosphere, fluid, or vacuum at temps of of 500° C (773K) to -143° C (130K). It can be configured as an AFM or STM. STM modes include CITS, I-V, S-V, and I-S. Standard AFM modes include contact, magnetic force, friction force microscopy, current image, non-contact and discrete contact with either slope detection or frequency detection, and phase imaging. 

Cost: Schedule B


RHK UHV VT Scanning Tunneling Microscope


This RHK Technology, Inc microscope is equipped with a VT cryostat an ultra high vacuum system designed and built by Duniway Stockroom Corp and a vibration isolation system with a custom Newport air suspension system.  The STM is based on a "Besoke" scanner, flow LHe cryostats and sealed heating filaments for temperature control down to 10 K and up to 1000 K.  

Cost: Schedule B

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