the Wake Forest NANO Curriculum
Nanotech courses to support your Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering degree
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Courses Offered at NANOTECH

PHY 656 Electron Imaging Science

PHY 657 Scanning Probes

The basic theory and practice of imaging and microscopy other than light. (656) an Introduction to electron imaging with hands-on experience using TEM and SEM instruments. (657) The theory and practice of STM, and AFM, again with a lab component for hands-on experiential learning.

PHY 655 Exotic Materials

PHY 658 Kinetics of Materials

Fast paced focused courses on the formation and properties of low dimensional materials structures. This course sequence is an excellent follow-on to a standard solid state physics class. 


PHY 345/645 Quantum Computing

An introduction to the foundations and hardware of Quantum Computers. (spring)

PHY 391(2)/691(2) NANOTECH Seminar 

Intro to modern laboratory techniques such as XPS, Auger, analytical TEM, etc. Topics are chosen by the students each year. (fall)

Summer School @ Nanotech

Each summer a topical seminar series is held for graduate students