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The Organic Technologies Lab 


Wake Forest has a long history in organic device technologies. Together with the tools in the cleanroom this lab supports ongoing efforts broadly, allowing for the construction of a wide variety of organic devices in specialized environments.

The organics lab - hosts two, double glove boxes where organics and metal contacts can be evaporated, spin-cast, draw-bladed, or otherwise deposited in an inert atmosphere. Sealing/packaging capabilities are also available. This facility has electronics printers, fiber-draw, and airbrushing equipment as well. The lab space is ISO 7 with dedicated air handlers and fume hoods.

Multiple glass cutting setups for manipulation of glass/ITO/FTO etc.


Multiple draw blade setups for thin films. These automated systems give access to intermediate thickness' in polymer films


SCS P6700 programmable spinner


Chemat mini spinner for use in glove box


2 X double gloveboxes with evaporator mounted inside plus spinners, hotplates, scales etc.


Spray deposition system using airbrushes.

chemat draw tower.jpg

Chemat draw tower for fiber coatings


Probe and bath ultrasonic stations for mixing


FUJI DIMATIX electronics printer with pL heads.

edwards evap.jpg

Organics dedicated thermal evaporator


Assortment of scales/balances, ovens for processing, UV sources for adding sealants, glassware, mixers and stirrers. A full chemistry synthesis lab with flash chromatography, schlink line, TGA, UV-Vis is also available.

there are 9 of these videos on the DIMATIX

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