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 0.19 nm point‐to‐point imaging resolution


(1) Cameras and Detectors

(i) Gatan MultiScan Camera (model 794) & MultiScan Camera (model 794 IF);

(ii) Fischione HAADF detector

(iii) Oxford EDS detector

(iv) Gatan GIF 2000 EELS spectrometer


(2) Sample holders

(i) JEOL single-tilt holder,

(ii) JEOL double-tilt holder, Model: EM-31041  

(iii) GATAN 912 Ultra High Tilt Tomography Holder, Model: 912.J2915,  

(iv) GATAN 636 Cooling In-situ Holder, Model: 636-J0915J03. 


• Fischione HAADF detector for Z‐contrast STEM, Images/video are captured by CCD camera

• Oxford INCA EDX system equipped for compositional profiling and mapping

• GATAN GIF 2000 EELS spectrometer sensitive for light element analysis and mapping

• SAD for crystal phase structural analysis

• High‐angle annular dark‐field (HAADF) STEM detector for approved atomic number (Z) image contrast, useful for composite and catalyst research

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